Om Sai Ram
Dear Sai Devotees.Iam the devotee of shri shirdi sai nath. This blog is started mainly with the intention to spread the power and greatness of sai baba to all the devotees and all the visitors of this blog.Sai baba is a very great god.We cannot praise about him and his mahatyam in words.Only those who have true faith and trust on him will know about his power and greatness.All those devotees of sai baba will have atleast one to many experience(s) with him including me.I want all those devotees experiences to be written and shared by all and know about sai baba's power and his love on his devotees.Iam kindly requesting all the sai devotees to write and share their experience(s) experienced with shri shirdi sai baba to all other devotees
Thank you
Om Sai Ram


Friday, May 28, 2010

I kindly request all the sai devotees to share their experience(s).please send  your experience to my mail id so that i will immediately post your experience on my blog.please help me in spreading the greatness of sai baba to all.
thank you
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My first expeience with shiridi sai baba

Dear sai devotees,
first i want to share my experience with sai baba to all the june 2008 i went to shiridi with my relatives.we spent 2days in shiridi we got a very good darshan of sai baba and had a very good time.on the last day we went to dwarakamai and had a darshan dwarakamai a very big picture(baba sitting in dwarakamai) of sai baba will be there.we had darshan and we sat there for some time.i can't express the happiness i got when i spent time in dwarakamai.after that we came back to our home .on the early morning of thursday i got a dream that the big picture of sai baba  which i had darshan in dwarakamai he came in that form into my dream and blessed me with his hand ..i really felt very very happy.beacause it is a very good thing that having his dream after comming from shiridi.that picture i put it in the starting page of this blog.only those people who are lucky will get his dream.after that so many experiences happened in my life. many of my wishes are fulfilled only after trusting him.we didn't even have a hope that those of our wishes will be fulfilled .no one knows his greatness unless they had some experiences in their lives. he is the father of all of us.
i wish we all will have his blessings through out our lives
om sai ram

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